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 watercolour droplets of faint paint, with a few pastel crayon lines _edited.png

University Projects.

 watercolour droplets of faint paint, with a few pastel crayon lines _edited.png

A Traitors End

Screenshot 2023-07-09 202143_edited_edit

'A Traitors End' was one of the games I made during the 'Game a Week' exercise at University.

The focus this week was based on indirect controllers, after brief research on the genre, I felt an RPG style suited the objective best.


This was the first RPG game I had made and takes roughly 2-3 minutes to speedrun if you 'gloss over' the mysteries. 

One aspect of game development that I focused on was the UI and narrative sequencing. To tell a story, I was not confident I could do it purely using the environment, so I came up with the idea of tracking the players' thoughts.


In addition, I sourced animations from Mixamo which provided good insight into how blend trees can work to emulate physical movement. I delved deeper into this in my Character Animation unit where I created a bi-pedal character rig from scratch using Autodesk Maya.

For a week's worth of work, I am satisfied with A Traitors End.




Screenshot 2023-07-09 202143_edited_edit

Heekki is about family, at it's core. The objective for this exercise was 'Gift-a-Game', where we made a game for someone in our personal lives.

I wanted to tell a story which I can relate to, in the sense that I believe nothing worthwhile ever came easy!

Hence, I chose survival as the main premise of the game. To articulate this, the food 'counter' is essentially a health bar as once the integer reaches zero, the game ends.

The beaver you play as can either forage wood or mushrooms (not part of the beaver diet I apologise for canon purposes) and the wood can fund the 'building' of land marks.


This was for two reasons:


- I am actively interested in survival craft games and how inventory management is made

- Spawning 'landmarks' for your family of beavers to follow in the future felt like a heartwarming addition to the game purely on a narrative perspective.

At the time, it was my proudest piece of work.

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