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Hi there, 

My name is Alex and welcome to my professional portfolio, I am an ambitious games developer from the UK. My area of expertise lies within technical design and programming. I previously graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University with a first-class honors degree in Computer Games Technology (BSc). Alongside this, I was a winner of the 'Into Games 50' competition which involved people from all across the country. 

When crafting games, I am keenly interested in building systems that bring them to life. I methodically plan these systems using an open, creative mind as innovative thinking ensures I work best in any technical venture. This is where I first came up with my slogan; 'be one with your imagination'.  As I once was, I hope to help build games for people to get lost within and be enthralled by.


Technical skills

I have always been interested in the technical side of game development, eager to learn how different parts of the game development stack work together. My studies provided useful insight and experience using several industry tools, I had the chance to delve deep into their architecture and make tools of my own. I later applied this learning to several personal and collaborative projects, developing tools both the player and developer can use. I have proficiencies in the following:    


Creative Skills

As aforementioned, I like to think creatively about systems and mechanics, using Miro (or a simple pen and paper) to plan and conceptualise. Then, I quickly prototype these systems, testing them in the game engine and exploring possibilities on how they might interact. 

I am unafraid to take on new responsibilities when aiming to meet deadlines, particularly 3D model and asset creation. I am comfortable using Blender and Adobe Substance; mainly a mid-poly workflow, but I am adaptable wherever needed. I prioritise the technical side of game development as I firmly believe that responsive mechanics make interesting and engaging games. 

Here's how I use my creativity to get the most out of any technical venture, using No Mans Land as an example:


Plan + Conceptualise


Prototype + Test


Implement + Iterate


Test + Refine

To navigate my portfolio and see more of my work, please use the menu at the top of this page. Thank you for taking the time to explore my workspace!

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